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The vast amount of rare wood used in building Khum Wang Nuea Villa has been curated and collected by the resort’s owner for decades. Each luxury villa is built from one single type of wood – teak, Burmese paduak or makha wood, echoing how royal palaces and homes of the wealthy were built in ancient times. Sourced from within Thailand and as far afield as Myanmar, Cambodia and Laos, the wood has been treated and crafted by the famous craftspeople of Sankampaeng, who have spent years h carving and shaping the wood into the opulent resort which stands today.

In the past the type of wood denoted the ranking of the wealthy, and here at Khum Wang Nuea Villa, only the hardest and rarest of wood is used to build each villa. Unique features include wood columns over two meters in diameter, scented wood which exudes a delightful aroma, reliefs and murals.

The resort is set in a spacious landscaped garden filled with local tropical foliage evidencing environmental authenticity.























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